Kiran Pawar

I consider myself very blessed because being born into a family of artists is one of the biggest gifts I could ever get. I was born in the year 1979 in Mumbai in a family where art and artists prevail. Almost all my best memories of childhood revolve around drawing and experimenting with different types of expressive art.

Having such a start has its own advantages.

After school, I headed straight to LS Raheja School of Art for my formal training in art. While I was there, I discovered where my true calling lies. I had no second thoughts about choosing my specialisation - Photography. I graduated in 2002 and since then there has been no looking back.

My next stop towards this journey was at the London College of Communication for an Advanced Course in Photography from 2004-2005. Those years in the college and London, were a melting pot of ideas, new technology, and developments. It gave me a good exposure and experience which I have brought back to India. It has made a big difference to the evolving needs here.

After coming back to India, I assisted one of the leading photographers in Mumbai. Over a period of three years, I have been honing the skills I learned in London and tuning it to the needs here.

One important skill that I have mastered and enjoyed doing was creative retouching of images. Also, while I enjoy all types of photography, I have realised that I am probably best at Fashion Photography and creative shooting of products. But any love, art, or career is all about discovering new things, and that is what I intend to do.

Now, I will allow my images to talk about me.

- Kiran Pawar